come to Denmark – get a CPR-number

come to Denmark – get a CPR-number

And just like that, it’s December already. Next week all of us will be on our way home for our winter-break. Didn’t we all just arrive some few weeks ago to register as citizens of Aarhus or Brande, and to get our very own CPR-number?

The Centrale Personregister (CPR) number is needed for almost everything. You desperately need it to open a bank account, receive a salary, order a Danish phone number, sign up for the gym – or apply for a new CPR-number in case you lost your old one. The first time I did read about this CPR-number, and how to get it and use it – I was pretty confused. In retrospect I shouldn’t have been so worried about this. Because we got so much help and support from BESTSELLER with the registration process.

I have to say I am really looking forward to visit my hometown for this small winter-break. But I also know it won’t be difficult to come back here – to my Aarhus home – seeing all of my fellow IBTs and colleagues who take great part in making this experience so hyggelig.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2018. Vi ses😊


This was the view in August 2017, when I travelled to Aarhus for the very first time. Pretty relaxing, right? By the way, can you spot my ‘Danish irony’ attempt in this post?

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