Did you upload the video yet?

Did you upload the video yet?

Every year, there are so many applications coming in for the Internatinal Business Trainee programme. I guess this year it won’t be any different. Therefore it is important that you do your best to show your motivation why you are the right person to be selected for the group of IBT 2018.

If you haven’t done it already, take some time to read two blog entries of the IBT 2016 batch, that I found to be very helpful when I was preparing my application exactly one year ago. Anna offers you 7 general tips to keep in mind when you are applying for the IBT programme. And Zeynel gives you many different kind of advice regarding the first two interviews you will most likely have over Skype. Bonus tip from my side: check if your Skype runs perfectly fine – also the microphone. And to avoid stress don’t wait until the last seconds before the settled time, to find out Skype needs an update to work again.

Also don’t underestimate the opportunity of including the video. It’s a good opportunity for you to make a personal statement and introduction to who you are and what makes you the right person to join IBT. I myself almost didn’t do it. Because I didn’t like to see myself on camera, I have never edited a video, and the application deadline was so close. I knew that I did have prepared the best application I ever had. So I just filled out the application form, and uploaded my CV, the cover letter and my portfolio (all my non-designers, please don’t panic – you do not need a portfolio).

So if you are at this point right now – push yourself to use this chance of giving them your video. Show them who you are. Help them to see why they need to get to know you. Don’t just tell them the same things you already wrote about in your cover letter. Or maybe you could do it, but do it in a more interesting and fun way? #areyougoodatsinging? Does your grandmother have the ultimate argument why you belong in this programme?  Did you see the video about Ricky’s experiences at Haderslev? You kind of get to know him a little in his video, right?

In my case (lack of video skills and not a huge fan of cameras), the day after I uploaded my application I decided to just sit in front of the bad camera of my smartphone, and talk about something I was passionate about. It took me hundreds of tries and more than two hours to end up with a 2-minutes long one-take video. I am not saying I am here because of the video (it wasn’t really great). But I believe the video helped me because it was a somehow interesting or complementing addition to my application. And maybe most importantly: it wasn’t missing.

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